Snickers wanted to take their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign and extend the concept of the Snickers “mood states” into messaging to allow people to share the brand when they were feeling a certain emotion. So, Holler created a bespoke character for Snickers designed to bring to life the various emotional states frequently expressed in messaging that naturally linked to the advertising campaign. Holler was then able to target consumers in real-time with contextual based targeting against various mood states; Excited, Hungry, Sad, Bored, etc.


Snickers turned 61,318 consumers into Brand Advocates.

Snickers creative content received a total of 42,888,113 impressions.

“Excited” content drove the highest level of impressions and engagement.

The campaign reached the 25-34 demographic the most, while the 35-44 demographic engaged the most with the content.


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