At Holler, we believe empathy and understanding creates a happy world. And we know communicating is hard, which is why we’ve created cutting edge technology and content for online conversations to help you express yourself better. Whether you're texting in an app, commenting on a post, or sliding into your crush's DMs, we're here to help you connect better, when words just aren't enough.

Top messaging platforms and keyboards integrate Holler into their experience, helping millions of people around the world to add fun and texture to their conversations. So, you can get relevant content exactly when you need it, within the apps you already know and love.

We don't take ourselves too seriously because what we do has fun at its heart. Meet us!

Travis Montaque
Founder & CEO

Stephen Zangre

Patrick Perrin, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist, AI & Research

Sarah Aitken

David Brady
Head of Engineering

Pat Giles
Head of Studio

Damian De Rosaire
Head of Customer Success